Catama Borneo is a Social Enterprise working with Artisans in Sarawak, Borneo to create contemporary design pieces using traditional techniques. We strive for preservation through innovation to ensure a living art rather than a dying craft.

Our chic and elegant products capture the story, history and culture of the craft makers who create them, whilst showcasing their unique skills and designs for a contemporary, international market. 

Our Story

The traditional plaited crafts of Sarawak have been practised for thousands of years, passed through the hands of generations of women. Using natural materials, such as rattan, bamboo and bimban collected from the jungles of Borneo, the women take these natural materials and plait them into beautiful intricate designs.

Catama Borneo was formed in 2014, after realising that in modern times these plaiting skills are slowly dying out and in a generation or two this talent could be lost forever. We have a huge love and appreciation for these crafts and realised that through assisting the rural craft women and introducing them to more contemporary design processes we could help to sustain this craft and enable it to be globally recognised as the ingenious and beautiful artisanal craft, as it deserves to be.

Catama Borneo are winners of the British Council and Arthur Guinness Projects

 'Social Entrepreneurs for Good'  2014 Award.

Catama Borneo are also Semi-Finalists for the Ashoka Change Makers

'Makers of More' 2015 Award